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Firearms import information
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Firearm information
Calibers to utilize on an African safari are often debated, for the purpose of simplicity PSSA recommends the following calibers are used for small to large plains game: any .300 caliber using a 180 grain projectile. All of the "Big Five" species including hippo and giraffe, the minimum caliber that may legally be used is a .375 H&H Magnum, using a 300 grain projectile. However excluding leopard and giraffe, a caliber of .400 is suggested. All form of wing shooting is conducted with either a 12g, 20g or 28g shotguns. Ammunition for all calibers are readily available at market related prices. Please note that when visiting South Africa OR using South Africa as a stop over en route to other African destinations, no 2 rifles of the same caliber are allowed to be brought in by a single owner. If wing shooting, prior permission may be acquired to import 2 shotguns of the same caliber for a single owner. No person under the age of 21 may import a firearm into South Africa, it would have to be brought in on parents or guardians import permits, bearing in mind that still only 1 rifle of a specific caliber may be imported by that parent or guardian. All documentation for the application of a temporary import permit into South Africa can be downloaded in the "Client Information" section of this website. This document download is simply for the application status, this document along with a letter of invite from PSSA, copy of your passport, return air tickets and proof of ownership in the country of residence must accompany you to South Africa where the actual permit will be issued to you upon arrival in South Africa by the South African Police Services resident in all ports of entry.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
PSSA highly recommends that trip cancellation insurance is taken out by all whom undertake safaris, not just those in Africa. Life is unpredictable and safaris are ever increasingly more expensive. You would not debate insuring a motor vehicle of high value, a safari is no different. Clients should ensure that they are covered for their safari by a trip travel protection plan, available through SCI on

Terms and conditions
All payments to be made in USD, Pound Sterling or Euros
A 50% deposit on the total daily rate will confirm a booking
No personal cheques will be accepted without prior arrangement
Balance of daily rate is payable 60 days prior to commencement date
Trophy fees are payable on completion of the safari
All deposits are regarded as a commitment to the booking of safari dates and quota, hence are non refundable.

Safaris Transfer details USD
Mercantile Bank: 142 West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Branch Code: 450905
Swift Code: LISAZAJJ
Account Holders Name: Paul Stones Safaris Africa
US Dollar CFC Account Number: 3000569
Contact telephone number: +27 11 302 0300

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Southern Africa

Paul Stones
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Suite 377 Postnet x033, Rivonia 2128,
Republic of South Africa

Hunting Expeditions

We offer various safari hunting expeditions to the following countries:
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

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