Zambia, a wonderful destination with very varied species. Your commonly sought after game hunts and the less common sitatunga, Puku, Lechwe and Harnessed Bushbuck are a wonderful addition to your hunting experiences in Africa.

Sitatunga are hunted in the Busanga swamp situated in this area, while the plains are host to healthy populations of plainsgame which are hunted by the Big Cats. Camps are comfortably made from natural materials. Each sleeping unit has en-suite bathroom facilities. The centrally located dining room allows one to relax while listening to the days hunting chatter around the open campfire.

The safari-hunting season extends throughout the dry season. These being the cool, dry months of May through July to the dry, hot months of October and into November. By late November, when the first rains fall, safari camps close; roads turn to mud and become impassable, streams start to flow again and cut off entry into many of the hunting areas. Dutiful wildlife scouts remain behind to police the area for next year’s hunting season. Rains continue into April and by late May safari camps are reopened.

The safari season start in June through early November in certain areas.

A pre-approved permit is required.

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We offer various safari hunting expeditions to the following countries:
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